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Blink 182 Explain Sound On ‘Neighborhoods’

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On September 27 Blink 182 will return with their highly anticipated new album 'Neighborhoods' their first since the band's return from hiatus in 2009.

On September 27 Blink 182 will return with their highly anticipated new album ‘Neighborhoods’ their first since the band’s return from hiatus in 2009. Alternative Addiction recently caught up with Tom DeLonge to talk about the sound of the band’s upcoming album. “It’s really a big can of all three of our worlds shaken up and poured out,” said DeLonge. “In the album you’ll hear elements of hip-hop rhythms mixed with suburban punk and indie rock experimentation.” The mixture of all three members influences is actually what drove the title for the album Neighborhoods according to DeLonge. “I presented that title and everyone kind of connected with it,” DeLonge explained. “I think it has to do with the fact that all three of us grew up in totally different neighborhoods, and it represents all three of our worlds colliding.” It is in fact the three members of the band’s sound coming together really defines the band’s sound today – even though DeLonge isn’t quite sure how to define that sound. “It’s so hard to say what we are now,” said DeLonge. “I would much rather follow in the footsteps of The Police than I would of Cheap Trick. I want to experiment with music and classic song writing, but that is hard to do with Blink because all three of us are so different.” But DeLonge admits his band mates would likely want to take the band’s music in a different direction. “Mark’s answer would be totally different. He loves what Blink is and isn’t afraid to change it up, but [ultimately] he does not want to stray too far off that path. I wouldn’t mind leaving that path and going to a dirt road somewhere. I think the compromise between the three of us is where that magic is, and I’m cool with however it works, just as long as it works.” Neighborhoods is due out September 27th For more information on Blink 182 visit