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Mudface Looking To Make a Personal Impression


San Francisco metal act Mudface have released their second album, "The Bane of Existence" and their looking to break some current trends in the genre.

There’s a storied history of music in San Francisco, that much has been covered here before. There’s also a storied history of metal music in San Francisco – it’s the birthplace of Metallica – what more do you really need to say. Operating for a decade in the San Francisco metal scene is Mudface. The band just released their second album, “The Bane of Existence” – and it has odd qualities for a metal record. Instead of strictly singing about the political landscape and war, and instead of dropping into cult worship and dismemberment – Mudface tackles real-life issues that anybody can relate to. It’s something that the band’s proud of and something that’s missing in the metal world at times according to vocalist Chris Dinsmore.

“With Metal Bands there’s some posturing that goes on sometimes I think,” explained Dinsmore talking with Alternative Addiction. “Metal bands are afraid to touch what’s really going on in their lives. I know with us; we sing our songs about how we feel. Sure we’ll touch on the government and war, and stuff like that. We go after things that bother us, like the presidential election, terrorism – that stuff is hard to avoid. Songs like “HellFoot” and “Down Below” touch on some personal issues – especially for me. The band went through a lot of hardships individually while we were working on the record and that’s hard to avoid.”

Those hardships make an album that’s out of the ordinary in the genre and it’s refreshing to hear. It’s something that you can’t really hear in most metal music.

“As far as the genre, I think that some metal bands want to be heavy just for the sake of being heavy. To me, I don’t really feel what’s behind the music. I’d like to hear about somebody who actually has something going on in their life. It connects better with the audience. Let’s not take away from getting in the pit and throwing down there, because sometimes those crazy lyrics work there, but I do think that personal touch is missing in there with some metal. I like to know what makes a person tick,” added the Mudface frontman.

That’s not to say that Dinsmore and his cohorts are all about changing the landscape of Metal. They’re just about doing their own thing, something that would do a little good for everyone inside and outside of the genre.

“There’s too much of one thing going on… the posturing,” said Dinmore on the state of metal. “There are too many sub-genres – and they want you to pick a side and it’s almost like a gang thing. Most metal is the same - Its loud guitars, drums, and screaming vocals. I get immolating your heroes, but we need some more originality. Everybody’s so worried about what everybody else thinks… just go with what moves you. People are afraid to take a look inside and talk about that. Human emotion goes over well with an audience and some bands are underestimating that connection.”

Mudface isn’t underselling that connection, they’re banking on it. We’ll see if metal fans side with them. You can pick up the new album from Mudface here (, visit the band on Facebook at

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