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Listen to the New Counting Crows Album Now


The new Counting Crows album comes out next week, but you can listen to the whole thing online right now. Check it out right here.

You can now listen online to the first studio album in four years from the Counting Crows. The follow-up album to their 2008 double album, Saturday Nights & Sunday Mornings, is a collection of cover songs from some of the band’s favorite artists. The album, Underwater Sunshine, is a testament of a band geek-obsessed with music says Counting Crows leadman Adam Duritz.

“There’s a million great songs written every day that you discover, and wish your friends could appreciate as much as you do. These songs come from bands young and old, stretching from the early 60s to last year. They’re all great and will hopefully be heard by a few more people now.”
The album was produced by the band and Shawn Dealey and it features songs written by artists such as Big Star, Gram Parsons, Tender Mercies, Kasey Anderson and the Faces.

As their first independent release, it was the right time for the Crows to make this album. “If you wonder why we didn’t just write our own record, it’s simply because we wanted to do THIS one,” says Duritz, We now have the creative freedom to release albums like this and offer more music than ever.

Check out the album below and let us know what you think.

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