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Filter Readies ‘The Trouble With Angels’

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Filter will return later this year with a brand new album entitled 'The Trouble With Angels,' an album in which lead singer Richard Patrick says is a return to the band's early 90's roots.

Filter will return later this year with a brand new album entitled The Trouble With Angels, an album in which lead singer Richard Patrick says is a return to the band’s early 90’s roots.“it’s a tip of the hat to the earlier part of my career,” Patrick told Alternative Addiction in a recent interview. “It’s absolutely what I need to do as a musician, there is just such an aimless sound going on [in the music scene] right now, and this [new album] has that early 90’s Filter vibe that I think everyone’s been waiting for.”Patrick not only set out when recording this record with a goal to give it a 90’s vibe, he took it one step further, he actually used unfinished songs that he wrote over 10 years ago and finished them up.“After doing this for song long, you just have these songs on hard drive somewhere, and you come back to them years later,” explained Patrick. “So for this record there were three or four older songs that I decided to use.”As for a label home for The Trouble With Angels, Patrick says the band has not signed a new label deal yet, but that does not mean there has not been interest.“We have several major label offers right now, and we are going through everything with a fine tooth comb,” said Patrick. “Everyone who’s heard this record has made us an offer, which speaks to how good this album is, and that is an amazing place to be in.”Patrick says he is still trying to decide on a single from the album, which will likely be quite a task as well. “I’ve had labels tell me there are 3 or 4 hits on this album. Not singles, hits, which is not a word people throw around lightly these days,” Patrick explained. Not making the task any easier is the variety of styles of songs that Patrick says are included on this record. “We don’t believe in painting the same picture 20 times. There are a lot of bands out there that have song #1 sound like song#10, we’re not like that.”As for a release date and plans for touring, Patrick says that all depends on how soon the band signs a deal.“Everybody wants this thing to come out this summer, but you can’t rush the business end of it, especially how insane this business has become,” said Patrick. “When the album does come out, I’d love to tour with Alice In Chains, A Perfect Circle, or my old friends from The [Smashing] Pumpkins. A summer tour would be amazing, but I don’t think we’ll be able to do a lot of the summer stuff, because we’ll hopefully be putting a record out around the same time.”