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The Addiction V.9 is now available in
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The Addiction

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The Addiction

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The Addiction Collection
Four Addiction Compilations
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Black Out The Sun by Radford

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Ghosts of a Brilliant Past by Honestly
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The Addiction V.9
Release Date: April 2, 2007
Sale Price: $7.99

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Band/Artist Song Title  
1 Kill The Alarm Fire Away
2 Standard Candle Do You Remember
3 Parmalee San Deigo
4 State of Man Be Still My Heart
5 Patrick Ryan Clark All On You
6 Anzio Annie Halo
7 Miser Zen
8 Wil Seabrook Holding My Own
9 CAVO Gone
10 Colourslide Crave You
11 The Motion Broken Promised Land
12 Jordan Hands Untied
13 Fatkid Dodgeball Brown Sweater
14 Fairday Familiar Stranger
15 Intra Meridian Get This Out
16 All The Brightness Never You
17 (in the clear) Dead Roses
18 Hasting Fighting For You
19 Eli Stone Paralyzed
20 Junket Trial By Fire
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