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Dark Horse(special edition)
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Reviewed: 9/16/2010 by Mike

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Bestselling albums are more often than not given the deluxe special edition treatment in a bid to shift more copies, and you can’t blame the record companies for wanting their pound of flesh. Trouble is that it often doesn’t make sense for the casual fan to repeat buy an album that essentially contains the bulk of the material that was on the original. Any Nickelback fanatic will already own this album, so it remains pointless reviewing the finite detail of an album that came out two years ago; suffice to say that the album to this day is an excellent one….but you already know that! So what extras do you get for your bucks? Well, you get a DVD containing seven videos from the singles that were released from ‘Dark Horse’, together with some videos of the band playing live(‘Burn It To The Ground’, ‘Animals’, ‘Something In Your Mouth’) and the making of ‘This Afternoon’. All very well if you’re either a completest and happen to have a tenner lying around without a home, or someone who doesn’t yet own the album, but for the casual fan who already possesses the album you may want to hold onto your hard earned cash and plump for one of the excellent new releases around rather than one that you already have. The album rating reflects this.

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