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Amber Pacific
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Reviewed: 5/5/2010 by Ryan

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If youíre comparing Amber Pacificís new album ďVirtuesĒ to their previous work thereís not going to be much of a contest. The bandís Hopeless Recordsí work is better vocally and itís not close. No offense to new vocalist Jesse Cottam, but compared to the bandís old lead singer Matt Young he doesnít have as much power. Youngís voice was powerful and gave every Amber Pacific song a ton of power and emotion. Cottamís voice is decent but itís not the same. You can enjoy the music and the vocals but the vocals donít dominate like they used to. The good in ďVirtuesĒ and this new incarnation of Amber Pacific is it still gives Will Nutter a solid outlet for his amazing song writing and it allows drummer Dango to be one of the best in the business. Itís disappointing that this band never made it to where it should have with its original members and itís just as disappointing that Young is no longer in the band. But at least theyíre still making music. Cottam isnít what heís replacing, but he does a nice job. If youíve never been into Amber Pacific before, youíll like this album. If you were a fan of the bandís last two albums there is a good chance that youíre not going to like the music nearly as much.

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