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My Dinosaur Life
Motion City Soundtrack
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Reviewed: 1/19/2010 by Ryan

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David Bendeth mentioned in an interview that a producer is almost like an extra member of the band. He added that sometimes bands that do great with one record and move to a different producer a lot of the times don’t have the same success. Motion City Soundtrack’s “Commit this to Memory” was produced by Mark Hoppus and it was a break out record for the band. When the band worked on the follow up to that record, “Even if it Kills Me” they recorded with two different guys including Adam Schlesinger from Fountains of Wayne. While not a bad record, that record didn’t have the sound or the appeal that “Commit This to Memory” did and it was Hoppus that was missing. He’s back behind the board for the band’s latest album “My Dinosaur Life” and what was missing with their last album is back with this one. The band didn’t lose that much with the last record, but with this record the magic they had on their breakout album is back. Motion City Soundtrack’s “My Dinosaur Life” is the first great album of 2010. The band’s first release under Columbia is a more mainstream effort than what we’ve heard in the past but it still incorporates their independent sound into that mainstream appeal. Songs like “Her Words” and “A Lifeless Ordinary” are perfect examples of this. “Her Words” is a great song but “A Lifeless Ordinary” really has a chance to blow up for MCS. Be on the lookout for that track. It’s still not an album for your mom and dad, but kids that didn’t get into this band with their last three records have a better chance to get into them this go around. Motion City Soundtrack’s “My Dinosaur Life” has the potential to launch the band to new heights just in time for summer touring season.

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