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No More Kings and the Flying Boombox
No More Kings
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Reviewed: 7/31/2009 by Ryan

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Iím man enough to admit when I was wrong. And on No More Kingsí self-titled debut I was wrong. Part of that was because you donít understand the album until you really get time to spend with it. No More Kingsí debut was Pete Mitchellís tribute to the 80ís. He loved the culture of the decade; everything from the general attitude of the time period to the classic movies that really havenít been made since. At the time I said Pete should sing whatís in his heartÖ not on a theme. You donít get that that was what was in his heart until you talk to him. So on No More Kingsí debut album- let the record show I was wrong about the album and let the record show that since then itís turned into one of my favorites. Thatís why I was so excited about the second No More Kings record, ďNo More Kings and the Flying Boombox.Ē The album isnít a tribute to the 80ís although there is a song about Short Circuit itís more of a traditional approach to making music. And Iíll be the first to admit that I both appreciate this and miss the old style. The music is a little funkier than it was last time and the guitars are actually up a little bit to go with Mitchellís outstanding voice. The guitar is really where this album getís itís flair from the riffís in there are almost all funk riffs and they are all pretty good. I do miss some of the tie-ins with the 80ís that were on the last record but thereís still a little bit of that to kind of transition the listener along. Pay attention to what No More Kingsí is doing. In a time period where itís hard to sift the good from the bad in whatís being released every week and itís harder to find something thatís original in that good stuff- Mitchell is making music thatís both original and good. This record isnít my favorite of the two No More Kingsí records but itís still a great release from a great artist. This album is a lot like a good movie sequel. Some people are going to like this better than the first, some not as much.

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