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Vol 1
The Becoming
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Reviewed: 10/11/2008 by Mike

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The Becoming's Vol 1 is possibly Tooth and Nails finest release since Anberlin's 'Never Take Friendship Personal'. Think modern melodic hard rock meets Finish Goth rock favourites HIM. With a crystal clear production and mix (courtesy of JR McNeeley) the guitars are heavy and the melody lines hooky. Anthemic tunes like 'Our First Sunrise' and the mercilessly catchy 'I Cry' are surprisingly uplifting despite the genre, Whilst the straight ahead hard rock of 'Dressed In Black' and the Cure-like keyboard tinged 'Escape You' offer something outside the generic ball park. Sure the emotional string sections, choral vocal arrangements and downbeat Goth-style vocals are present but it's all done within a framework of high quality songs and unquestioned melody. The Becoming’s Volume 1 is yet another outstanding album from the Tooth and Nail stable

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