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The Multiple Personalities of Last Week and Next Year
Quick Step John
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Reviewed: 8/5/2008 by Ryan

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Philadelphia’s Quick Step John is on to something. They’ve got infectious melodies, top-notch songwriting and as a band they’re fairly tight- at least from what I’ve heard on their album “The Multiple Personalities of Last Week and Next Year.” What impresses me the most about these guys is the songwriting, they’re completely original in every way. They’re structures aren’t unorthodox but the flow with bridges that they use in every song isn’t something that you hear every day. It makes things interesting to listen to. You won’t like every song on this record, but you’ll like about 90% of them, my personal favorites… “The Last Words” (it’s the most unique song on the record- the way that the intro is led into, the chorus, everything’s awesome.) “One By One” (not the most unique song on the album- but the chorus is good and the song as a whole is good. It feels like a 90’s alternative song- definitely not a bad thing.) My only real problem with this record is the way the vocals were recorded. I like Craig Whitaker’s voice a lot and for the most part his vocals are great on this record- I just think that working with a producer instead of basically self-producing is the way to go for these guys and it will make them twice the band they are now, namely Whitaker as a vocalist would improve the most. Quick Step John’s “The Multiple Personalities of Last Week and Next Year” is definitely a solid record for this Philadelphia-based band. They’ve got the potential to go as far as they want to go and their songwriting is exceptional. They remind me in a lot of ways of theworkingtitle- let’s just hope they have better luck than theworkingtitle.

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