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You're Awful, I Love You
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Reviewed: 4/28/2008 by Ryan

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There are two sides to Ludo, the really bright, energetic and fun side. And the dark #($#ed up side that makes you wonder what exactly is going on in the mind of Andrew Volpe. The difference between those two sides though is one's entertaining and the other side can be boring. The dark songs from Ludo are fun, they're entertaining, they're smart, they're captivating, and they're humorous in a really sick way. Lead man Andrew Volpe takes some weird things and then some weird lyrics and then mixes them with some 50's/60's rock sounds to make them sound positive. Take "Love Me Dead" as an example. That song is extremely dark, but because it sounds so cheery, it's turned into something that's extremely funny. The same goes for "Go-Getter Greg" and "Lake Pontchartrain." Those songs are all great, and pretty much every time Ludo goes for that particular style it works great. The "sane" songs from Ludo aren't as fun as the darker themed songs, but there's still some good likability to Ludo from these songs. "Please" is a potential single and "Such as It Ends" is a great pop-punk song. Ludo's debut for Island "You're Awful, I Love You" brings the band's intelligent and quirky rock to the mainstream, and that's never a bad thing.

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