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Live From Las Vegas at the Palms
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Reviewed: 3/9/2008 by Ryan

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Recorded in Las Vegas at The Palms from their recent tour with Blue October, the new live set from Yellowcard ďLive from Las VegasĒ (an exclusive to iTunes) has itís ups and downs. The set is only ten songs long, thatís a negative. All of the key Yellowcard tracks are here and thatís a positive. Even the recording is decent itís not as high quality as it would be on a CD, thatís a negative. The crowd mics were well placed for the recording so the interaction between frontman Ryan Key and the crowd isnít garbled, it sounds legitimate and thatís a positive. The list goes on and on with ups and downs like that resulting in an overall live set thatís pretty good, but from stellar. With live sets Iíve found one thing to be true. Iíve listened to a ton of these albums over the past five years and no matter what Warner Bros. recording equipment remains the best. Every label needs to copy what they do in that aspect. I donít know the set up they run but you canít say enough about the overall quality. With Yellowcardís new live album I donít know whether Capitol or Apple recorded it, but while the overall record is excellent there are lots of spots where the recording is a little shaky. Overall Yellowcardís disc is a good set. There are three songs from ďOcean AvenueĒ, three songs from ďLights and SoundsĒ and five songs from their latest effort ďPaper Walls.Ē The set list from these shows was an excellent one from the band and itís recorded here with accuracy. All in all this turns out to be a great listen, even with its ups and downs. Iíd still like to see another set like this come out from Yellowcard in a few months from the acoustic tour, not because this was bad, because it was that good.

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