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Alone: The Home Recordings Rivers Cuomo
Rivers Cuomo
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Reviewed: 1/7/2008 by Ryan

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There wasn’t a better idea for a holiday release this year than “Alone: The Home Recordings of Rivers Cuomo.” If Weezer has proven anything over the years it’s that although it’s fan-base is diverse they have a select group of fans that generally just eat up everything that the band has ever done; especially the artistic stuff that was on “Pinkerton.” So, for the band’s label to release an album of demos that’s basically like listening in on a bit of Rivers Cuomo’s demo process… as a fan of the band, it’s not just cool to listen through these songs, it’s cool to see them in a stripped, early stage that can’t be found anywhere else, it’s pretty remarkable. Of course the quality isn’t that great and the production is basically not there, (hence the “Home Recordings” name) Rivers Cuomo’s songwriting skills are shown off to no end on songs like “Dude, We’re Finally Landing”, “Chess”, and “Crazy One.” On the songs on the album that Cuomo wrote, he showcases his knowledge of pop music while using his ability to write a great hook while using his odd sense of humor. The self-written, unpublished songs from Cuomo are pretty amazing, but my favorite part of this disc is the demo version of “Buddy Holly”, can you imagine being a record executive in the 90s and having that show up on your disc, everything about that song is timeless; it’s what made the song so special in the first place. The demo version of “Buddy Holly” sounds awesome right down to the guitar solo and what’s even more notable about the song is the production- the solo, the sound effects, even the drum track is done pretty well for being a home recording in the early 90s. Weezer fans will love this record, that’s for sure. It’s basically an insight into the band’s demo process during various stages, and the cover songs are fun too. Geffen and Weezer did a great service by putting out this album, an excellent idea that’s done the right way. There’s not enough space to say enough good things about this disc.

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