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Late Nights
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Reviewed: 1/7/2008 by Ryan

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Miggs third release “Late Nights & Early Mornings’ is an acoustic EP that shows some promise. The band has been around since 2002 and although they’ve learned some tricks of the trade and have had some success in the Bay Area, they’re not quite ready for nation-wide status. The band’s EP proves that. Miggs does some great things on the EP, but it’s an independent EP through and through. An acoustic EP is a great idea to make some extra money, but the songs have to be able to hold up in acoustic form, and only about half of these songs can hold up in that form.The EP starts out a little off… “Nothing” has a lot of good qualities, most notably the New Radicalz-type fade at the end of the song, but the flow of the song is extremely weak. “To Be Wrong” is single-worthy track and probably the biggest highlight from the album. “Where Have You Been?”, “Don’t Fix Me”, and “Paying For All My Sins” are all decent songs, but like “Nothing” they also suffer from structure problems here and there. The EP finishes off strong though with “Late Nights & Early Mornings.” I prefer the second part of the song that’s almost hidden, but as a whole the track is fairly strong.Miggs is probably ready for big things ahead, it’s hard to tell. The talent is there, that’s for certain, but they could definitely benefit from some A&R work to push them over the edge. “Late Nights & Early Mornings” is a great independent release, but to be more than what they are now Miggs has to improve in a few areas.

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