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Immortal Verses
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Reviewed: 1/6/2008 by Ryan

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Trapt’s self-titled debut, 3 Doors Down’s “Behind the Sun”, Nickelback’s “Silver Side Up” and a few others remind me of Submersed’s “Immortal Verses.” They don’t sound a lot alike (not Trapt anyway), but the albums are similar in content. It’s almost like Submersed went back to the seven years ago and made an album. All of the albums mentioned in this paragraph have a few things in common- they’re all commercially driven but not overly so, they all have great songs but also a few floppers, the placement is perfect, and even though they aren’t quite perfect, on a listen through they feel complete. Mostly they all have 4 or 5 songs that you’ll want to revisit from time to time. Submersed has those 4 or 5 songs.“Immortal Verses” might have one rock ballad to many, but it’s most of the ballads are fairly solid, and on top of that when the band goes towards the harder end of their range, they freakin’ rock. Music’s been waiting for another band like Submersed and another album like “Immortal Verses”; basically we’ve been waiting for another solid mainstream-rock album, and for the first time in the past three years it’s shown up. Songs from this record that you should definitely check out include, “Sarah & Johnny” (what should be the second single), “Better Think Again” (which is the first single), “I Feel Change”, “At First Sight” (if “Sarah & Johnny makes it, this is the single that would push them over the edge), and “Answers.”Being a label that’s actually made a bit of pop-switch over the past year, it’s refreshing to see Wind-Up release an album like “Immortal Verses” from Submersed. It’s slightly nostalgic, but mostly it just feels like things are right with the world again. “Immortal Verses” has given me a tremendous amount of respect for Submersed.

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