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Not an Angel
City Sleeps
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Reviewed: 10/27/2007 by Ryan

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City Sleeps make their full length debut for Trustkill with “Not an Angel”, another long overdue album to finally appear in 2007. A lot of people have known about City Sleeps for awhile and have been anxiously awaiting this album. After some label issues and some other issues, it finally appears through Trustkill Records, but was it worth the wait.As far as rock bands go there’s two different viewpoints on City Sleeps, the general fan can just think of them as a pretty standard band, but for those of us who listen to a lot of music, here’s one of the weirdest music references I’ve ever made- City Sleeps is like The Outfield from the 80’s- except modernized. Listen through “Play Deep” by The Outfield and the way the vocals were recorded along with the eerie guitar work- there’s your reference between Outfield and City Sleeps. Like The Outfield though- there’s no happy medium with City Sleeps. Meaning they’re really good or they’re really bad. Really good tracks on “Not an Angel” outnumber the awful tracks on the disc and that’s a good thing. The first 6 songs on the album are awesome- with the title track and “Prototype” being the biggest highlights, and coming in at track 8- “Andrea” is also an exceptional track. The other five tracks on the disc are excruciatingly bad though; with “Sleep With Me” and “Bones” generating the toilet paper track labels most of all. This is a disc that was worth the wait for music fans. Everybody knew these guys were good by listening to a few songs here and there, nobody knew how good they were though, 7 amazing- perfect tracks are enough for an album, and although you’d like to see more consistency, those seven tracks will blow your mind. City Sleeps does their job and shows their potential, but with a Jekyll/Hyde album like this you’ve got to hope that the next album has a little more to offer.

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