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Biffy Clyro
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Reviewed: 9/28/2007 by Ryan

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This is a great album about 75% of the time. First we’ll cover everything that’s right with Biffy Clyro’s “Puzzle” and that’s a lot more than what’s wrong with it. GGGarth does a great job with production of this album, just like he does with almost everything he does. That needs to be addressed first because Biffy Clyro covers a variety of styles throughout this album and they use a lot of depth in places, nothing is ever lost during that process. That’s something that can be accredited to both Biffy Clyro and GGGarth. Every now and then something comes along and surprises me; this is one of those albums. There’s a lot of versatility here, sometimes there’s some prog, other times emo, sometimes a lot of punk, other times there’s just pop. For the most part, that versatility makes what this band is. It’s crazy, because some of the songs sound like Queens of the Stoneage, and then others sound like Weezer stuff, which is amazing. That’s a big spectrum to cover. There are about 6 out of the 14 songs on this album that you’ll dig “Folding Stars” and “Saturday Superhouse” and “A Whole Child Ago” are the tracks that really got to me.There’s the positive stuff, covering the couple of negative things, the depth that is on some of these tracks effects the music in a negative way. There’s not a big pin point case of it other than the intro (which is meant to be that way) but here and there you’ll notice it and get a little annoyed. Also, there are a couple of styles with their versatility that Biffy Clyro doesn’t do well the main one is the Brit Punk stuff that these guys have to be exposed to all the time, “Now I’m Everyone” (especially when they move from the Brit Punk to Styx stuff which is more on the depth) and a couple of other tracks just don’t work on this album.75% of this is great with about 6 songs being amazing. Biffy Clyro’s 14th Floor/Road Runner Records debut is a successful one. Awesome stuff from these guys, worth checking out if you’re a fan of good bands.

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