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Colbie Caillat
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Reviewed: 9/28/2007 by Ryan

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Colbie Caillat is the latest MySpace discovery turned into a major success. The female singer/songwriter’s MySpace success translated into a major label deal with Universal/Republic records. Caillat’s debut for Universal/Republic, “Coco” should be a welcome addition to any music fan’s catalog. Caillat gets a little help with these songs, but her core ideas for the songs are solid and her vocal work that carries the music is outstanding. Anytime a new female artist comes out there’s a certain amount of suspicion involved. “Where’s the gimmick?” is the big question asked about female artists. Is she hot, does she have a powerful voice, is she insanely weird? The most refreshing part about Caillat is that she’s just genuinely creative and talented and that’s translated very well on “Coco.” The songwriting is a little predictable, but it never comes off that way. And even though you’d think that the vocals would come off a little thin and emotionless they never do. What you get to it, Caillat’s debut is a heart-felt 12 song album influenced by R&B and acoustic pop that doesn’t just get the job done, it gets the job done well. “Coco” is a great debut for Colbie Caillat. New female artists that we actually get to hear are always welcome, especially when they are this talented. “Coco” places Caillat away from the group of gimmick female artists who sing other peoples songs to make their money and places her into the company of the actual female singer/songwriters who make art and music. Get over any preconceived notions you might have with this one; it’s worth your time.

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