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Era Vulgaris
Queens of the Stone Age
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Reviewed: 7/21/2007 by Ryan

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In today’s age there’s something to be said of consistency, and Queens of the Stone Age have been nothing but consistent with their music. Regardless of whether Sharon Osbourne wants his male organ to fall off and his mom to eat it or not, Josh Homme is one of today’s best musicians. Homme and whoever he has as a supporting cast manage to record a near-flawless set of songs with every album. One of rock’s most legitimate acts returns in 07 with “Era Vulgaris.” As usual it’s hard to find something wrong with Homme’s latest work. “Era Vulgaris” continues the trend of quality releases and new sounds from QOTSA. Everything that this band has done hasn’t just been good; it’s always been different and it’s always remained identifiable. The new Queens album rocks and you definitely need to check it out. I’ve always respected the band, but I’ve never really been a huge fan other than “Songs for the Deaf.” There was a lot of power to that album and until this nothing QOTSA has really matched that album. Some early favorites of mine from this album “Misfit Love”, “I’m Designer”, “Make It Wit Chu”, “Suture Up Your Future” and “3’s & 7’s. All of those tracks are vastly different from each other, but they hold one thing in common; they’re all really good. Josh Homme is one of the last guys in rock that’s just genuinely good at what he does. Every album seems effortless but every song is creative. This is another good album from one of today’s most reliable artists.

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