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Reviewed: 7/21/2007 by Ryan

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Paramore isn’t emo gone to the garbage, its Garbage gone emo. Paramore lead woman Hayley Williams is bringing back the female fronted rock group not just to the forefront, but to the acceptable/cool forefront. Hayley’s vocals are outstanding and her band backs it up. Enter what’s soon to be one of 2007’s biggest surprises to everybody who doesn’t know anything about indie label Fueled by Ramen. Paramore’s new album “Riot!” out now via Fueled by Ramen and Atlantic is an excellent listen. The production is flawless allowing guitar/bass/drum work of Josh Farro, Zac Farro, and Jeremy Davis to really shine. The off-base comparison with Paramore is the Gin Blossoms gone emo with a combination of Shirley Manson/Avril Lavigne/Stevie Nicks fronting. Paramore is that good and so is Williams. The fidelity of the guitar work is enough to buy the album, but putting that along with Williams’s outstanding vocals makes “Riot!” instantly likable. While it can get repetitive, there’s no denying that this album is good. Whether it’s a ballad like “We Are Broken”, pure emo like “For a Pessimist I’m Pretty Optimistic”, or the rocker that really shows off the range of Hayley Williams “Hallelujah”, Paramore is enjoyable. Look for a second single, possibly “We Are Broken” to gain this band millions of fans. Mainstream radio will pick them up in a heartbeat. You hate to review something just on the basis of gender but it’s really hard not to be excited about Paramore. When was the last time a band came out with a female lead singer that wasn’t just a charade? Evanescense was years ago and before that it was No Doubt. There’s not just potential here, there’s ability. There’s a product here, somebody just has to sell it, and somebody will.

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