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Year Zero
Nine Inch Nails
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Reviewed: 6/3/2007 by Ryan

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Nine Inch Nailsí concept album ďYear ZeroĒ is a monumental effort by Trent Reznor. His passion in the material is on every track on this album in his lyrics, in his music, and in its industrial precision. Whatís the concept of the album? Itís the end of the world of course. Thatís not what the title, means, but it is what the albumís all about. Iím not going to dive in to the subject matter of the album, or the genius marketing plan behind it, but for all of that you can go here- Itís hard to review an album like this because itís so much more than music. The marketing campaign coincides with the music to tell a story about the future, a future that could be similar to what weíll be facing if we donít change our ways. The music does the jobÖ itís soft and gentle when the story has itís emotional moments. Itís big and angry at the points of the story when something dramatic is happening. Consistent throughout is how good the music is, industrial and otherwise. Another constant is itís roughness. Even for Reznor, this is extremely rough around the edges because he recorded it on a laptop during a tour. This could very well be the best concept album ever. Itís definitely the best concept album to come out in our time. Reznorís message in this music is a message that needed to be said. Even if youíre not into industrial rock get this CD go to this site, crack open the booklet and read the lyrics. The music is captivating the marketing campaign and the online stuff that goes along with it is interesting to say the least. While the publicís reaction hasnít been what Reznor wanted so far, this album goes down in history and adds further to the legacy and lasting impact of Reznorís music.

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