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The Beautiful Letdown
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Reviewed: 2/5/2003 by Chad

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With their latest release Switchfoot dispels all critics that classify them as just another Christian rock band. On "Beautiful Letdown", the bands third release, Switchfoot explores a variety of new sounds, and truly creates an album that will attract mainstream music listeners as well. From the heavy guitar of the opening track and first single "Meant To Live", its clear that Switchfoot has set out to break new ground on this album. Perhaps the biggest accomplishment of this album, is its contrast from track to track. Surfing through the CD no two songs sound remotely alike, each with its own unique recipe. "This Is Your Life" has a nice electronic feel, while "Dare You To Move" is just an incredible ballad, showcasing the bands maturing songwriting ability, and their strong musicianship. Beautiful Letdown is incredibly beautiful album, and far from a letdown, definitely pick this one up.

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