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Signed and Sealed in Blood
Dropkick Murphys
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Reviewed: 1/8/2013 by Ryan

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The latest album from Dropkick Murphys is more of the same... more awesome Dropkick Murphys music. Signed and Sealed in Blood features twelve outstanding songs that range from celtic-mellow to holiday festive to raucous drinking. Signed and Sealed in Blood has the Dropkick Murphys in rare form. Itís brilliant and it has a lot of longevity, BUT itís not as good as Going Out In Style.

Going Out In Style is the definitive Dropkick Murphys album. It features a guest spot from Bruce Springsteen, and the title track is basically the bandís anthem- it doesnít get any better than that. Following up that album is no easy task. Signed and Sealed in Blood is the best possible follow-up that the band is capable of, thatís the consolation prize for fans. Most of the music on this album is some of their best. ďThe Boys are BackĒ is in their top five. ďThe Seasonís Upon UsĒ is a perfect holiday song- albeit a strange track to put in the middle of the album that gets released in the second week of January. ďDonít Tear Us ApartĒ starts out with the bashing of an old-school piano and pushes through with a vibrant old meets new energy. ďOut of Our HeadsĒ is the typical Dropkick Murphys song- itís exuberant and fun throughout.

Signed and Sealed in Blood isnít the album that Going Out In Style is. There isnít anything here that hasnít been done before, but the people that want to listen to it will instantly be satisfied.

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