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Crazy World
Boys Like Girls
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Reviewed: 12/17/2012 by Ryan

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For seven years, Boys Like Girls have been on a seemingly mystifying run. The first album wasnít great, especially when you hold them up against other pop-punk records that came out around the same time. Still, Columbia did an amazing job of working the album and ďThe Great EscapeĒ became a hit song. The sophomore album didnít perform in the same fashion, but it still did well. Now they are on album three. Crazy World is set to build on what the band has done in the past.

Thereís one thing with Boys Like Girls that Iíve never liked. They always follow trends, and they do it too much. Their first album had a firm footing in pop-punk, something that was still wildly popular when it came out. The second album pushed itself fully into the pop genre and left little evidence of it being tied to punk when that had left popularityís favor. The third album has itself tied in the current trend of mixing pop-punk of old and tying in country. Itís a mix thatís rising. The Maine started it and have since moved on, A Rocket to the Moon have perfected it, and a few others have tried to mimic that success. Boys Like Girls arenít exactly trying to mimic it, but they are leaning heavily in that direction.

Considering what this music is, Iíll be honest and say I didnít want to like it. But Martin Johnson is too good at what he does. Heís an amazing songwriter and his ability to craft a catchy song isnít just good at this point... itís elite. The latest album is filled with contagious pop songs that are fun to listen to. Those songs make Crazy World decent, even if you canít listen to it consistently.

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