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The Continued Silence EP
Imagine Dragons
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Reviewed: 2/27/2012 by Ryan

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Like Walk the Moon, Imagine Dragons’ major label debut is an EP and the songs are mostly a gathering of previously released material. Unlike Walk the Moon, this EP is a formal EP featuring six songs that probably won’t be on the band’s full-length debut when it comes out down the line in 2012.

On The Continued Silence EP Dan Reynolds and Imagine Dragons show six exceptional songs that share similarities with very few artists going today. They borrow things from several different artists, they just don’t borrow very much from those artists. The six songs are all wonderful tracks that showcase untraditional melodies. Underneath all of those untraditional melodies there’s a lot of instrumentation that sounds similar to several different bands. “On Top of the World” has a Rusted Root vibe to it. “Demons” has some Guster moments (in title too.) “Round and Round” sounds like Coldplay meets Genesis. There are different moments in all six songs that can be compared to a great artist or a great band; you just can’t compare the whole song to that band. The six songs on this EP all sound different, but they’re all terrific songs.

The Continued Silence EP is definitely worth picking up. These songs are tremendously original and they’re all well written. The production done by Alex Da Kid is also top notch and he really brought a new element to these songs. Pick up this EP now, you’ll be listening to these six songs over and over.

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