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Fools and Worthless Liars
Deaf Havana
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Reviewed: 12/20/2011 by Ryan

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Deaf Havana out of the U.K. is an awesome band with a ton of potential. The group is highly influenced by American music like The Spill Canvas and Taking Back Sunday, you can hear that over and over again on their album “Fools and Worthless Liars.” The main problem with “Fools and Worthless Liars” is that you can hear that influence too much. Everything sounds like it’s indirectly or directly influenced by Taking Back Sunday or The Spill Canvas. There are steady amounts of dude choruses and wha-oh-ah-ohs. That’s fine if you’re bringing something else to the table, but that’s pretty close to all they’re doing for this record. We’re teased with the potential of this band on the very first song on this album “The Past Six Years.” It’s somewhat similar to Rise Against’s “Swing Life Away” but it doesn’t have as broad of a view as that song. The lyrics are amazing and going with some acoustic guitar on that track is brilliant. But after that track they go into “Youth in Respect” -one of those amps-on/Taking Back Sunday style songs- and they never look back. Almost every song on the rest of the record is in that vein. Deaf Havana has more potential than any band I’ve heard in awhile and they bring a ton to the table. Now they just need to add a few elements like “The Past Six Years”- something close to their own creation- and bring that too.

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