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Fa Sol La
Those Mockingbirds
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Reviewed: 9/29/2011 by Chris

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Those Mockingbirds have a sound that largely blends raucous, grunge and alternative-inspired rock, with subtle folk and classical stylings via piano and electric violin. It's a sound that's richly layered and textured, yet no less accessible. They've been making waves ever since their debut in 2010, and they continue their ascent with this second EP, currently available as a free download from their website. While it's comprised of six tracks, the real meat of the EP is a trio of songs; "Coast To Coast" and "We're Animals" are catchy, arena-ready cuts, while "Don't Stray" is a soaring yet muscular power ballad. The EP is augmented by a pair of instrumentals that nicely bookend it, lending an otherwise short collection of songs the grandeur of a full album experience.

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