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Bad Habits
Every Avenue
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Reviewed: 8/1/2011 by Ryan

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Every Avenue’s debut album was awesome. I loved it, I loved every song on it and I loved everything about it. The band made an album with Mitch Allen that was the smoothest pop punk that I’d ever heard made on an independent scale. “Picture Perfect” felt like an all-in approach to making an album, it felt like a second or third label release from a band and not a debut. “Bad Habits”, the band’s second album was made with Aaron Sprinkle, and it’s a different type of record. It still sounds like Every Avenue, but this album has a completely different feel to it than the band’s debut. This feels like a rock record, there aren’t even trace elements of pop-punk to the album. It’s all rock, rock-pop, or pop, there’s no pop-punk. One thing about “Picture Perfect” was out of those songs, they were all great but you always felt like you’d heard the melody before. Not on all of the songs, but on most of them. With “Bad Habits” David Strauchman and co. went out of their way to write some very original melodies. Every song feels like something new, and not something recycled. That goes from track one- “Tie Me Up”, to track ten- “Watch the World.” Great melodies make great songs, so this album is filled with great songs. But the work outside of the melodies is a tad suspect from time to time. In a few places there’s a decision to move away from a hook so the music will be a tad heavier and vice-versa. Basically, these songs are all great, but if they were polished a bit more from place to place, they’d be perfect. A weird part here and there doesn’t take away from “Bad Habits” being a great album. I’d even go as far to say that this is a better album than “Picture Perfect.”

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