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Madam Adam
Madam Adam
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Reviewed: 3/25/2011 by Mike

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Having been signed once already to Virgin under the moniker Red Handed, it seemed unlikely that band would be signed by a major label again such is the stigma associated with leaving a major label. Previously known as Agynst-a name they subsequently dropped when they realised nobody could pronounce it-the band finally broke free from the shackles of Virgin and changed their name to Madam Adam in a bid to hide their past and thus attract other record labels. It worked and Roadrunner signed them. Madam Adam represents yet another excellent band in the field of modern rock. Apt at combining edgy guitar and memorable hooks with great songwriting Madam Adam are a young band that clearly understands the requirements of a band that have to live in a mainstream music environment. The whole album has a feel that is somewhere between Saving Abel-unsurprising when you consider that Skidd Mills is the producer-and The Exies. The urgency of youth hits you instantly on opener ‘Sex Ain’t Love’ and continues right the way through to the impressive closer ‘Silence’. In between the highlights come thick and fast; tasty nuggets of edgy three minute pop orientated hard rock include ‘Drugs’, ‘Forgotten’, the superb ‘I’m Not Ok’, These Are The Days-a song co-written with Scott Stevens of The Exies which also appeared on their album ‘A Modern Way Of Living With the Truth’-and ‘Wicked’ a mid tempo song that also brings to mind the same band. The debut album shows a definite progression and massive improvement on the Red Handed and Agynst material that was on offer on the demos, and the band, as vocalist Scott Gould has readily admitted, has realised they have had to incorporate the payoff choruses and hooks into their material in order to attract label interest and ultimately sell records. Without doubt this is a fine album, a culmination of determination, togetherness and talent. If the band are given the right backing-and Roadrunner are particularly good at that-and they get lucky with one of the many singles that the album contains then Madam Adam could be huge

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