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Dreaming In Black And White
Trust Company
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Reviewed: 3/11/2011 by Chris

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Trust Company were one of those groups that seemed to get yanked from the spotlight just as quickly as they were thrust into it. Breaking out in 2002 with The Lonely Position of Neutral, they briefly enjoyed success with a hit single and a gold-certified debut album, until they were pulled from touring by their label to begin work on a follow-up album. Largely recorded under pressure, 2005's True Parallels would be shelved for nearly a year, before being quietly released into stores with very little promotion. Chewed up and spat out by the Major Label Machine, Trust Company temporarily called it quits, while members pursued other musical and non-musical projects.

Though it may be the product of several years off, Dreaming In Black And White turns back the clock as if Trust Company never went away. The band's formula remains largely intact; whispery verses give way to big, infectious choruses, delivered by huge drums and guitars, with no shortage of melody and sugary vocal harmonies. Producer Chuck Alkazian delivers a good approximation of previous producer Don Gilmore's sound, wrapping the band in a big, punchy modern rock sound that's equal parts thudding and crystal-clear. The album comes flying out of the gate with several killer songs in a row, but after that things get patchy; a couple of hit-or-miss power ballads admirably attempt to break up the flow, but monotony inevitably sets in before things come to a close. Perhaps shedding one or two filler tracks in the second half would help its case, but overall this album is a fine return for a band that got swallowed up by the chaos at the time.

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