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House Of Heroes
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Reviewed: 2/20/2011 by Mike

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No doubt about it, the fourth album from Columbus Ohio Christian band House of Heroes was one of the surprises of 2010. After seemingly treading water in the seas of mediocrity peddling pop punk(they originally started as a pop punk band under the moniker ‘No Tags’) the band changed direction embracing a more eclectic, diverse and progressive sound, culminating in their breakthrough album ‘The End Is Not The End’. With ‘Suburba’ House of Heroes has taken the whole sound to a new level. The ultimate attraction of this album is the seamless and natural way that House of Heroes has been able to combine different genres and specific elements of other artists into a workable, accessible and extremely cohesive album. One minute they sound like Queen on opener ‘Relentless’, the next The Knack on ‘Love Is for the Middle Class’ and the next Springsteen on ‘So Far Away’. Elsewhere ‘Elevator’ hints at The Clash whilst retaining a mainstream pop edge and ‘Disappear’ has Muse leanings but the list of audible cues and familiarities is endless. However let’s put to bed the idea that all House of Heroes do is ape nay plagiarize other artists, they don’t. It’s all done with great subtlety, left to permeate through superb songs and galvanized with fine musicianship. Flying the flag for a more left field genre of Americana that has yet to gain popularity on British shores, House of Heroes when compared to the likes of The Gaslight Anthem and AM Taxi are simply streets ahead.

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