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All the Quiet, All the Chaos
Shane Hines
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Reviewed: 12/6/2010 by Ryan

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Shane Hines has won me over with a genuine passion for his craft over the past few years. There are some musicians who are in it for the sake of the music- you get that feeling with Shane. With his new album you can notice some significant changes from everything Shane had done in the past to now. The production is better, the song writing is better, and his vocals are about twice as good as they were. On this record it sounds like a young Jacob Dylan is singing in placesÖ but really itís Shane Hines. His vocal work is tremendous on this record and everything on this 9 song album sounds great. The production and the vocal work are a step up for Shane, the other step up for this singer/songwriter is his song writing. Not every song on this album is excellent, but everything is good. Shane did some co-writing with this album and you can tell while listening through this record, itís a diverse album; especially when you look at his previous work. The lone problem with this album isnít something youíd expect. I mentioned how good Shaneís vocal work is on this album- it really is great- but some songs sound differently than others- like itís a different person singing. Iím not saying a different person sang the songs- just that he sang some songs in a different style. Itís funny, that diversity helps his cause on several songs, but it also hurts him on the vocals. Shane Hinesí ďAll the Quiet, All the ChaosĒ wonít win over everybody; itís an independent album, so it gets the benefits and the negatives of getting that tag. Still, Shane did a great job with this record and itís his best work to date.

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