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Paul Durham Releases Side Project
By: Chad |

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 Sunday, March 19, 2006

Paul Durham, creative force behind the band Black Lab, has released a side project he's been working on for over two years under the name 'Cake Or Death'. The album is on sale now in download format at Alternative Addiction.

Durham explained that a few years ago some friends of his approached him about creating some music together.  None of them had ever been in a band before, some of them never even played instruments.  Vocalist Kristin Kelly, knew she could sing, but had never sung into a microphone before.  Durham originally set the group in motion, with his brother Andrew Durham playing lead guitar.  After playing together for some time, Andrew had to quit, and it just seemed natural for Paul Durham to step in.

While Durham was working hard on completing 'See The Sun' the most recent Black Lab release, the members of Cake Or Death continued to practice together. 

"We learned covers, and we sucked really bad.  This went on for a year." Durham explained.  "We sucked, (and I mean hard) but it was fun.  Like high school.  Then I went to LA and came back to find they were jamming.  Yes, jamming.  It was kind of cool.  I sang on top of it, told Joshua to play something different for the chorus, and it was almost, dare I say it, a song."

As they played together the music got better, and the band started kicking around the idea of recording an album.

"We worked harder and the songs got even better. At some point, I said, just for a laugh, 'we should make a record.'  It seemed cool, right?  Just toss off a record on my protools rig.  No pressure, just for fun.  The only problem was -- the stuff had gotten really good."

So Durham and the band went into the studio recorded a record that they are very proud of.  While at the core, you can hear the roots of Black Lab, the unmistakable melodies, and hook filled lyrics, there is a refreshing layer of creativity, influenced by the bands contribution.  The album includes a wide variety of sounds, and a wide variety of talents, including several tracks with Kelly on lead vocals.

Fans of Black Lab, and any music fan looking for a refreshing album filled with variety and raw creativity will be impressed with Cake or Death's debut album.


Go [With Bonus Track]
Listen & Download Now

1 Whiplash
2 Rise
3 Safety
4 Cake or Death
5 Satisfied
6 Bag of Cookies
7 Again
8 Fandango
9 Sweet Abuse
10 Let Go
11 Silence
12 What You Got
13 To the End

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