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AA Tested & Approved: Secret Weapons
By: Ryan |
Source: Alternative Addiction

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 Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The New York City music scene is vast and diverse. There's so much going on weekly, sometimes daily, that it's hard to keep up with. But there's something of merit coming from New York right now that will be worth your attention: Secret Weapons. It's an apt name for a band that hasn't released any music as of yet and is biding their time until the distribute it to the public. It's also apt because what they have is under wraps, but it will blow your mind. An offshoot of the band Night Fevers, Secret Weapons is comprised of Danny Rocco and Gerry Lange. Earlier this month, Lange and Rocco gave us a sneak listen to their new music and Rocco talked a little bit about Secret Weapons.

AA: What were you doing before Secret Weapons and why did you move on from that?

SW: We were in a band called Night Fevers before this. We did some good things. We had some licensing placements and did some things and got them on MTV and things like that. The band was a little stale at the end though. I wasn't a big fan of the music. Gerry and I wrote everything and then it kind of got watered down by the end of it. We toured and we had some decent buzz in the city. It just wasn't working out so we decided to do our own thing and that's where we are a year later.

AA: How long has the new music been in the works?

SW: We've been working on this secretly for the past couple of months. We've made this link to reach out to a few people and see what the response is before we throw it out to the rest of the world. I think we're going to take two or three of the best ones and then put them up on YouTube and see what happens. We're just going to try and get the word out as much as we can. We don't have a team right now, we're just doing this D.I.Y. We recorded this in my apartment and that's basically the strategy that we're going with.

AA: It's just the two of you right? Who's the other guy in the picture?

SW: There's two of us. Gerry and I. In the picture our live drummer Will Tully is there too. This is really a duo with making the music. We wrote, recorded, and produced everything on our own but Will helps us out with shows.

AA: What have you been able to do with live show so far?

SW: We've been rehearsing for months and months. We've learned a lot from being in bands here in the city before. We want to put on the craziest show possible. We want to take the best parts of a Coldplay concert and all of the best parts of an EDM show - all of our favorite parts - and put them all into one. The live setup will be crazy, we'll be running around and hitting stuff that we set up all over. We just booked a bunch of shows in June to get our chops up and hopefully we'll book some bigger shows in July.

You'll have to wait a few more weeks until the music from Secret Weapons surfaces. When it does, we'll have it for you right here on Alternative Addiction.

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