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Sevendust Guitarist Discusses The Acoustic Experience
By: Ryan |
Source: Alternative Addiction

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 Monday, May 05, 2014

It was fitting for a band like Sevendust to have their tenth album be an acoustic record, that's assuming that you count it as such, that answer will vary from fan to fan. Whether it's considered a formal LP or not, Time Travelers & Bonfires now has a unique standing in the band's catalog. Not only does it paint an interesting portrait of where the band is now, it features some older material reworked to remind us how great Sevendust has been in their tenure. Recently talking with Alternative Addiction, Sevendust guitarist John Connolly discussed the band's latest release and the tour the band has done to support it.

"We saw the hole in the schedule and came up with a game plan," said Connolly explaining when the band knew they could make this long-awaited acoustic album. "We started talking with Pledge Music about them doing a campaign and doing something a little different. We wanted to take things to the fans and do the fan funding to kind of evolve. We knew we wanted to do an acoustic record and we knew we wanted to revisit some old stuff. We also knew a lot of folks would be interested in some new stuff. We put all of those ideas in a big pile and just made it happen. We got it done in three weeks and it was a lot of fun. It's kind of crazy it got done as quickly as it did."

Sevendust is known for their intensity of both their music and their live show. So when the band decided to finally make this long-awaited acoustic record, was Connolly a little anxious about the reception of the record by fans and by the band themselves?

"Always," started Connolly. "There's always that second guessing when you're doing something different. The nice thing is that you look at it as an opportunity to grow. We were a little nervous about making it, but we knew we were capable of doing this type of record. We've made some softer songs on albums before, but this time we're staying there. We ended up liking what we finished with and the fans seem to too. It seems like they have been loving the stuff that we thought that might needed to be picked up a little bit. The more introspective stuff is what's being latched on to."

The tour that Sevendust has embarked on with this record has been extensive. They set up a number of dates after the record was first announced and it seems like they've been announcing more and more as they dive deeper and deeper into the tour. The live shows with this acoustic run have been well received by fans and they've been fun for the band to play nightly. Connolly discussed the live shows and the potential for more upcoming dates with AA.

"It's a totally different thing. it's one thing to play longer, that's cool. On the flip side of that it's nice to get off the stage and not need a chiropractor, a shower, and a rub down. It's nice to be able to just be able to towel of and go to the meet and greet. It's a little taxing for Clint and Lajon vocally, but for us it's a different pace. It's a different kind of tired when you're done with the show, it's more of a mental and vocal thing as opposed to a physical thing. It might not be the norm, but it's still a Sevendust experience - one that a lot of fans haven't had before. We're going to keep going with this as long as there's a demand for it. We knew we were going to do one leg for sure and then we did a second leg. Then we looked at that tour schedule and saw a bunch of holes where we need to go. That third leg is being mapped out as we speak."

Be sure to pick up Time Travelers & Bonfires from Sevendust now. On Connolly's recommendation, check out "Denial" and "Crucified." Those two songs are drastically different from the original versions. You can look up the band's tour dates and more at

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