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Hedley Guitarist Talks Wild Life
By: Ryan |
Source: Alternative Addiction

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 Thursday, April 24, 2014

Hedley had name recognition with their band right from the start thanks to frontman Jacob Hoggard's TV experience. Since establishing their spot in the Canadian music landscape, Hedley has stood on the gas pedal and never really looked back. They released five albums in the past nine years with a touring schedule that keeps them busy year round. Hedley might have started out lucky with the TV link, but they made their own luck every day after that. There's a reason why this band has had their five albums released with five different record contracts over the past ten years. They're lucky, but the music they write and the work they do speaks for itself. The band's latest go at bringing their music stateside and earning the following here that they have established in Canada is their new album, Wild Life. Recently Alternative Addiction spoke with guitarist David Rosin about the band's newest album.

"With Wild Life we're pretty lucky," started Rosin. "We worked on it pretty hard for a couple of months last year. We had to drag Jake out of the studio kicking and screaming. Jake brought more material than he had ever before. He was on a hot string with writing, which is awesome because we always strive to do something different from record to record. With this album, we captured a lot of different faces of what we like to do. We're fans of music and we always try to make things sound different. We're always trying to do something new and exciting. After nine years, we're lucky to have our fans follow along with us every step of the way. Since we're evolving and growing, we know our fans are too."

Rosin also discussed the band's development since their inception. Through the course of the band's five records, they all have their own identities and from the first album to the fifth there's a stark contrast in the band's sound. Rosin related the new record to the band's development.

"There are songs like 'Mexico' that have ties from the first record ,but there's songs like 'Crazy For You' that are tied to what we did on the second record. As a band I don't think we've ever pigeon holed ourselves as this or that when you talk about our sound. We try to do things differently, but we also try and have fun, because music is supposed to be fun. If you would look at it in the whole 9 years from the first to the last - then it would be crazy. It'd be a trip to figure out how the band on the first record got to where it is now. But, if you listen through each album, I think it's kind of a slow progression and you can hear that."

This is the band's fifth record and it's also their fifth push internationally. Rosin also talked about the bands international presence in the music landscape and stated that everything they do is just moving forward, no matter what situation they're in.

"We've built a fan base here in our home country of course, but it's a big wide world that we live in.. We've been lucky enough to travel the world and share our music with people. We've done Kenya, India, and of course the U.S - we've got lots of great friends down there. We're touring musicians, we make music and then we travel around and entertain. That's the gig. We're going to do that this year more than ever before. We're going Australia and the UK, then we're going to go France and Germany for a little bit. It's going to be a busy day in airports, and I'm okay with that. After 9 years, I can safely say I can sleep soundly sitting up in a van." [laughs]

You can get Hedley's Wild Life on May 19th.

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