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AA Track by Track: Ryan Star ANGELS and ANIMALS
By: Ryan |
Source: Alternative Addiction

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 Friday, April 11, 2014

Ryan Star released his album A N G E L S + A N I M A L S at the end of last year. The New York singer/songwriter wrote his latest album about a nameless character and chronicles his life through a series of personal events. It's a personal album where Star relates his life to this character but also tells this character's own story. So, when listening to Ryan's album, here's a guide of what's going on with the story, told by Ryan Star himself.

First, this is the story that appears in the liner notes on the physical copy of the album.

Hello, my name is No One and I've lost my way. I close my eyes and pray that I can dream again. I promise you I'll return with better days. I need to go fight this battle within me. I drift away and days pass.

I alone forget. I am unburdened from the noise and pollution. I get off. Hey message to receiver, I'm taking it higher and I'm not coming down. I drift and they fight within me. It's been so many days and now I am free. I have nothing and I need nothing more than the air I breathe. My reflection is pure as my eyes there anything more? I don't remember.

I hear her voice. I hear her voice in my empty head. I remember now. I remember why I came here. We were kids. Laying underneath the bed, your ceiling never felt so far away. All the let downs created our discontent. We wished for lots of things when we were 17. We're waiting for it now. Where is it? Where did it go? I hear her singing to me. I remember.

I remember the winter. "I know this life we're dealing with is getting under our skin." I didn't mean to make you suffer. I didn't meant to make you cry, but we are who we are. I'm sorry I'm a little bit angel and a little bit animal.

Why can't you remember? There was a time we sang a song for all our dreams. We were young and lost when we were kings.

I sit here with all the memories now. My shaved head and long beard are proof that I am new and I am clear. Stop tripping, stop believing and just live the life in front of you. It's all ok. This is all supposed to be. It was all a mask and now I'm bare. This is the imperfect journey. So, here's to growing up and always fucking up.

I see. It's all about her. It's always been about her, so I set sail to come home. It will be a storm but I need to tell her. I will survive, I will survive. I trek through the thunder to make it home.

There you are. She waited for me. (On my knees) Love: When I was a kid I traveled to all of the different places inside my head, but nothing compares to my life with you. I could build a million castles. I could wish upon all the lucky stars, but nothing compares to my life with you."

We live together and love forever. I know no matter what, when I look into your eyes, this world has gone to heaven. We sing again and then you sing alone.

It's okay I'm gone. I would do it all over again. We will do it all over again. For now, you must hold on to the life we made so I can watch you growing older. For you'll always take the bullet. For you, I'll never turn in anger. And even if this leaves you all alone, for you I'll always take the bullet.

Don't cry. I will wait for you here. When you are ready, I will be here for you. A place I know, a place we imagined. Meet me where the island ends. It was all worth it. It has always been worth it, to be the one you love.


Here's Star's track-by-track rundown of the journey that the album takes us on..

"Spaceman Fugitive" - As he is off on his journey, he now has become free from the possessions and the terrible topical world he was living in. Disgusted with it all, he is completely alone and free to fight for himself now.

"World I Used to Know" - Now, the storm is over and he finds clarity in the life he has lived so far. He even hears her angelic voice and tells the story of the life they had and why the disappointment of growing up created anger and discontent.

"Impossible" - He comes to terms that he is who he is. The animal and the angel. He vows that he can fix it.

"We Were Kings" - He remembers what they were in the song. He's trying to get her to remember that as well.

"F'ckn Up" - This is the realization that life is just that. It's not failure it is just life. The journey. With this, he's ready to come back.

"I Will Survive" - He battles through it all and returns back to her. He won't give up.

"My Life With You" - He confesses that everything he ever dreamt of as a kid has been triumphed by her. Nothing compares to his life with her.

"Gone to Heaven" - In this song, they are united, (literally) in heaven. They live their life together and he explains to her that she is his only happiness.

"Bullet" - In this song, in his death he writes to her. He begs her to go on with a smile so he can watch her and the life they made together.

"Where the Island Ends" - He describes the place he tells her to meet him when she is ready. He'll be waiting for her so they can be together and do it all over again.

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