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AA Tested and Approved: DoryDrive
By: Ryan |
Source: Alternative Addiction

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 Monday, March 17, 2014

Who They Are: Two bands out of the midwest came together; one from Milwaukee, WI and another out of Peoria, IL - and started a new mainstream rock group. After initially testing the waters to see how the band was going to sound once they were together, Mathieu Nevitt loved the music they were making. Once he knew they were onto something Nevitt and the rest of the band jumped in to DoryDrive head first.

What They Sound Like: They sound a little bit like everything in the rock genre, but for the most part they can be defined as a pop-rock group. As frontman Mathieu Nevitt said: "We use a lot more attacking vocals and more of a pop EQ instead of a full-on rock EQ. That pushes the music. I think we're excited about everything that happened in the studio and the decisions that were made to bring this album to life. It has a sound all it's own, that's because of the different things we tried."

What's Out: "Here's To You" DoryDrive's new album came out at the end of last month. The record was produced by Ryan Rossebo and Erik Nelson, and it features plenty of catchy melodies to sing along to. The best parts of the album are the those melodies, but Mathieu Nevitt's vocals on the album are a close second.

Song to Listen To: "Better Part of Me" It's not at the front of the record, it's stuck right in the middle, but it's a big moment on the album. There's a lot of momentum picked up with Here's To You through the first four songs and that's lost momentarily after the start of the album. With "Better Part of Me", the record picks up a ton of steam and sets the tone for a great finish.

What's Next: Look out for a tour announcement from DoryDrive very soon. They'll be back out on the road as soon as they can. Head to to monitor the dates and see when they'll be back at it.

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The album sounds awesome! Which leads to my question. Why does "Here's to You" cost $10.99 (iTunes) $10.49 (AmazonMP3)? It's too much for a Debut!
Posted by olpwwedude on Tuesday, March 25, 2014 at 11:02:47 AM

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