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Grizfolk Frontman Discusses Band's Beginnings
By: Ryan |
Source: Alternative Addiction

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 Friday, February 21, 2014

Originally from the south, Grizfolk's frontman Adam Roth picked up his things and headed to L.A. to pursue music. It's a pretty common step that people take in the business, especially if they're not currently in a band in their hometown scene. Regardless, Roth headed to L.A. to be a part of the community. Once there, Roth found a band, but probably not the one he was expecting. A southern kid with roots in americana, found two electro-pop influenced musicians from Sweden to create music with. Together, Roth, Sebastian Fritze and Fredrik Eriksson formed Grizfolk. Recently talking with Alternative Addiction, Roth talked about finding Fritze and Eriksson and starting the group.

"We all met in L.A. I met Fredrik and then we met Sebastian," started Roth explaining the origins of Grizfolk. "We got together and started writing a ton of songs. We realized we had something different and something we could pursue together. Then we pulled in Bill (Delia) and Brendan (Willing James) and started going full force with it. Now this EP is coming out and everything's been moving really fast, but we've been excited about it. It's been a whirlwind of awesome opportunities since we've started."

Roth went on to explain the band's beginnings further, expanding that to their creative process.

"This whole thing started in living rooms and bedrooms. Even now when we're working with some cool people, the end result still comes from those places where we're comfortable. It's a collaborative effort. Sebastian and Fredrick are talented at programming, and they're great musicians and they come up with great melodies. I play too, but I'm more of a lyricist than anything else. When we combine our two worlds - they come from Swedish electro-pop background, and I come from the south with an Americana influence - it turns out sounding like Grizfolk. The process is a lot of experimentation on our laptops and recording in different places. A lot of these songs come from a lot of demos and a lot of that experimenting creating sounds that aren't being used right now. We try and find different pieces of equipment that aren't heavily used at the moment too," added the Grizfolk vocalist.

If you've listened through Grizfolk's single "The Struggle" then you can admire the two Swedes work finding amazing sounds and implementing them into the song, but there's also something to be admired about Roth's lyrics. Adam described his lyric writing process in the interview too.

"The best lyrics come out when you're not trying. When the three of us sit down and write I just let things fly out. Sometimes they just make sense based on what we're doing with that. Sometimes we'll have a concept from something that's happening in the world or something that's happened to us and then we think about it for a minute and then let it fly out. It's kind of an intuitive process. I do keep stuff on a notepad or in some notes here and there and sometimes that gets used but a lot of it just comes when it's supposed to."

Grizfolk's debut EP for Virgin, "From The Spark" EP comes up out on February 25th, and with that EP release, the band will continue touring the U.S. That's something that has gone really well for the band. Not too long ago they got to play shows with Bastille, a definite highlight in a year that has gotten better and better.

"It was incredible," said Roth on playing with Bastille. "The opportunity itself was amazing and then when we got there it was awesome. The reaction from their fans was great, I can't say enough good things about them. When we were invited into their world, it was a blessing. We can't believe that things have come this far then we were able to play in front of Bastille's fans- and they're one of the biggest bands in the world right now."

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Grizfolk Frontman Discusses Band's Beginnings
Date Published: Friday, February 21, 2014

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