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New One Less Reason Album Set to Feature a Choir and Screaming?
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 Wednesday, January 08, 2014

The new One Less Reason album is set to be titled, The Memories Uninvited. OLRís Cris Brown recently talked with Alternative Addiction about his work-in-progress and why he went with that title.

ďThereís a psychiatrist I know and we were having lunch when one of his clients came up and started talking to him. They were talking and the psychiatrist says, Ďwe have to keep you busy, because if you sit around your house the memories uninvited start showing up.í So right then, Iím taking notes in my head. I thought that was a killer name for a record. I get a lot of lyrics that way too. I listen to people talk when theyíre being sincere. They will say the most profound things. The biggest lyric I ever wrote is, Ďa lot of people are going to be disappointed when they find out.í I got that from my dad when he was talking to somebody. I donít even remember what he was talking about. But things like that, they stick with me.Ē

Thatís why One Less Reason has been going strong for more than a decade and thatís how frontman and chief songwriter Cris Brown has made a name for himself. He writes and sings about real and relatable subjects. The Memories Uninvited has Brown putting that same type of effort into the music that heís done throughout his career. Working on one unnamed song just before the interview, Brown had that fresh in his mind and discussed the track.

ď Right now, weíre trying to figure out how to get a choir. I have one spot where the whole song stops and itís just me singing. We want to get the choir recorded in there to sing with me. Then, I have a friend who is an awesome screamer. Iím going to have him do that in the background. So, itís like a bunch of different personalities going at one time. Thereís 96 tracks of HD in ProTools and weíve used them all for this song- Iím not even done yet. Itís crazy, I think this is going to be a very epic-sounding record.Ē

Keep checking back to Alternative Addiction for more on the upcoming One Less Reason album, The Memories Uninvited.

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