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Morning Parade Reach Out For Help on 'Alienation'
By: Ryan |
Source: Alternative Addiction

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 Tuesday, December 31, 2013

With Morning Parade’s debut album, Headlights vocalist Steve Sparrow and the band held 100% creative control and direction in it’s highest regard. Their songs were theirs and nobody else’s and they took a lot of pride in sinking or floating based on what only they did. That’s not the case with the group’s second album that has yet to be named. After the typical modern-day industry hiccups, Morning Parade found themselves wanting to try new things. The very first was enlisting the help of noted Atlanta-based pop producer Ben Allen to help them move their music into new territory. Morning Parade recently talked to Alternative Addiction about working with Ben Allen, recording their new album, and realizing it’s okay to get help from outside sources when making new music.

“Songs are precious,” said Sparrow. “Ideas are just ideas but they feel so fragile when they’re yours. People are so scared of making mistakes. This time, I wasn’t. It was liberated. It was nice to go into the studio and not know where things are going. It was a melting pot of everyone throwing in things this time. It worked really well and I enjoyed it. Everything going forward from with this record has been about working with great people.”

One of the great people that Morning Parade worked with was of course, Allen. Sparrow talked about how great the recording process was for their sophomore album and gave a lot of the credit to the producer of the record.

“The recording was over in seven weeks. We recorded five weeks and we mixed for two. We did a lot of back and forth. I started speaking to Ben probably in March, we had a few Skype calls. We had a bunch of songs together and we were mixing a few key ones but we didn’t have “Alienation” and we didn’t have “Erratic Dreams.” He gave me pointers on where songs needed work and what he thought the strongest ideas were. Once we decided we were going to work with him he flew over and spent a couple of days with us in our studio in Essex, working through his ideas for the songs.

“The first album we were very attached to our own songs where this time I always went with the notion of working with great creative people. If we’re to break our own habits and really push ourselves we’re going to need to work with somebody who’s going to throw new ideas at us, things that we don’t really think of. That whole process was slow but eventually we made our way to Atlanta. There we worked on the fly so that was different for us too. The recording process was a lot of fun, I fell in love with Atlanta, I love that city so much. I had a great time there. It feels like a creative growth happened there, I learned to let go of things. I learned to work with other people and Ben was really good at pushing my buttons and giving the right direction. It was great.”

Morning Parade has released the Alienation EP, that’s a preview for the album that’s going to be released sometime early on in 2014. The reason for the EP coming out before the end of 2013 is due to the fact that Sparrow and Morning Parade couldn’t sit on all of their new music any longer.

“We felt like it had been such a long time since ‘Headlights.’ We wanted to put something out before the end of the year, just to let people know we were back and to give our fans something. We were dying to get this new music out there because we’re so excited about it. That’s one of the worst things about making a record, you make it and then you have to wait for so long before people can hear it. So, we wanted to put something out to let people know that we were back and excited to show it.”

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