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Too Stubborn to Quit: Blacklist Royals
By: Ryan |
Source: Alternative Addiction

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 Thursday, December 19, 2013

Nashville punk rock act Blacklist Royals are on the other side of some hard times. After the band finished their touring cycle with their debut album Semper Liberi, things got hard. After showing some promise with what they were able to do with the album and what they were able to do on the road, things fell apart. Talking with Alternative Addiction, half of the brother duo that’s at the core of the band, Nat Rufus, dished on the stressful 2012 the band had and how they were able to overcome it.

“Rob and I had really been working on Die Young With Me as an album,” started Rufus. “When we brought it to the other guys in the band, normal life had taken over and they had moved on or they didn’t like the direction that we were trying to take things. Everyone had kind of lost faith that we would ever do anything more than just being a small punk rock band and playing shitty bar shows. I understand that, it can be really disheartening some days. So basically, our band quit in 2012. We tried to do one tour in Europe and a Canadian tour with a fill-in guitarist. He was a great guy, but you could tell that everyone was kind of over it. Rob and I went in and worked on the record and we had all these songs written, but in the back of our heads we were doubting if anything would come of it and wondering if we were done as a band. 2013 rolled around and we just kind of stuck with it. We got a good team together with management and a booking agent and we got some new band members. We went out and went for it and it paid off. It was a good way to end this year after last year was so terrible.”

If that were the only stress the band faced in 2012 things would have been less difficult, but the Rufus brothers have a screen printing business that they do in addition to Blacklist Royals and they had to endure personal hardship on the road during those tours too. Still, compared to what the brothers have faced in the past with Rob Rufus being a cancer survivor from getting the disease as a teenager and being able to overcome that, people who knew them knew them didn’t doubt that the band would march on. And they did. They were able to overcome the obstacle that was 2012 and 2013 has ended with the band releasing a two-song digital and vinyl single, “Righteous Child.”

“I was glad that we could get it out there because we put it out there ourselves. We’ve been sitting on those songs for almost a year now. We had been doing so much touring that we decided that we needed something new because most of the songs in the set are new tracks,” noted the Blacklist Royals’ frontman.

The single is the lead-up to the band’s sophomore album that will be hitting in the spring of 2014. Nat talked about their upcoming release, Die Young With Me and the status of the album in the interview too.

“We recorded fifteen songs and we have a couple of new ones floating around too,” started Rufus. “I just got the official word that the record is going to be coming out in the springtime. We’ve just been trying to figure out which songs go on the album and whether we need to record anything else. But most of it’s done and it’s ready to go. We’ve just been trying to push the band over the past year and get back on people’s radar. We’ve also been trying to find the right label and the right fit to put out the record. We’re just kind of waiting on paperwork at this point. It’s been hectic but hectic in a good way. When we went in to the studio to record the songs things were up in the air whether or not we were going to keep going and whether those songs were going to see the light of day after all of the drama. We’ve been putting in a ton of work and it’s nice to know that it’s paid off and the record’s going to come out.”

You can get Righteous Child on iTunes now, for more info on Blacklist Royals, visit

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