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Green River Ordinance Takes A Different Approach On New EP
By: Ryan |
Source: Alternative Addiction

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 Thursday, July 11, 2013

The new Green River Ordinance EP, Chasing Down The Wind has a new feel and a different sound than the past two albums that Texas-based band has released. The new EP is largely acoustic and it has a very rustic sound that the band has been moving towards over the past couple of years. Guitarist Jamey Ice recently talked with Alternative Addiction about the new EP and moving away from their last record cycle with Under Fire.

“We felt like we had a lot to prove,” began Jamey regarding GRO's work on Under Fire. “We were doing it on our own for the first time. We wrote 110 songs and we spent four to five months writing for that. From 110 songs we picked 14 of them. For this new EP, we went out to the woods and stayed in a cabin. We cut loose for a week and recorded what we did. We recorded the whole thing in about nine days. This has a totally different vibe and approach.”

That different approach particularly affected Jamey as a guitarist. He didn’t get to explore a lot of effects and sounds with the electric guitar, but he did get to play with a few different instruments.

“I’m always going to be a gear nerd,” started Ice. “I love pedals, electric guitars, delays, and stuff like that. On this I didn’t play electric guitar but on one song. I didn’t use any pedals. I was playing a mandolin and a banjo. On that one song with the electric guitar I used one old amp. It was simple and stripped down making music in a really pure way.”

That simple acoustic sound isn’t altogether new for Green River Ordinance, but it’s new for it to featured predominantly on one of their releases. Talking with Jamey about the band’s sound on their new EP and how they’ve grown over the years, he said that it’s just something that’s happened organically.

“I think I’m really happy with how it turned out and I’m happy with the last record too. As an artist your music always grows and evolves. The stuff that we were writing about when we were 18, 19 and 20 was great for Out Of My Hands. It was where we were then. When we were writing for Under Fire, our headspace was all over the place. We were walking away from our record label and taking a big step out on our own. Where we’re at now, we’re a little bit older and we’ve spent years on the road. We’re married and have lives at home. We’re all in a different place and we’re writing about different things now. It’s been a natural evolution.”

Looking towards the future, Jamey’s excited to keep making new music with GRO, whatever it’s going to sound like.

“I think our angle on that has always been that our best song hasn’t been written yet. If we make new music it’s going to be better than the music that came before, at least to us. We’ve been playing together since we were 12 and 13 and I think that with each year and each album we get better. We get better as writers, musicians, and lyricists. So I’m excited for our next project, whatever that’s going to look like.”

Green River Ordinance’s Chasing Down The Wind EP is available at iTunes and AmazonMP3 now.

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