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Mona Putting Finishing Touches on Next Record
By: Alex Kastrinelis |
Source: Alternative Addiction

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 Friday, April 19, 2013

Alternative rockers, Mona, have finished work on their second album and are hoping to have the new record released in the upcoming months. This weekend the band will be playing the Coachella Music Festival in Indio, CA alongside the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Passion Pit, and many more. Lead vocalist and guitarist, Nick Brown, recently talked with Alternative Addiction about the forthcoming disc and the groupís journey since signing to Mercury Records in 2010.

Following the U.K. release of their debut album, Mona toured consistently throughout 2011 playing shows across the globe including the renowned Glastonbury Festival in England and the Summer Sonic Music Festival in Japan. Then in 2012, the guys were able to make their record available in the states and followed the release with a headlining tour of their own. Now in 2013 with invites to play at both SXSW and Coachella, itís clear that the band is bound to become a mainstay in the alternative rock genre.

Most recently, Mona released the upbeat lead single, ďGoons (Baby I Need It All),Ē off of their upcoming sophomore effort. Though the album is complete, Brown explained that they are still in the final stages of the mastering process and the artwork for the record needs to be finished as well; both of which Brown is highly involved in.

ďIím very involved in everything Ė my band would probably say too involved (laughs). Everything from engineering the album to producing it to the font and the artwork, Iím pretty much a part of. For our first album, a lot of the images were actually old family photos of mine. Iím very weird when it comes to symbolism; I canít just have things look cool, they have to mean somethingÖfor the upcoming album, I have a working theme. One of the songs on the record is called ĎTorches and Pitchforks,í and right now it looks like it may be the title of the album. So itís kind of the whole monster on the hill thing whether itís Frankenstein or whoever; itís about who is the misunderstood one. Us a band, are we the monster or is the industry the monster or is it the listener? And whoís the angry mob for that matter? And Iíve always been into dualism but Iím still not 100% sure what direction to go in as far as imagery.Ē

For a band that has spent so much of the last two years out on the road, it is understandable that Brown and his bandmates enjoy returning home whenever they can. But once the guys are back in Nashville, they still arenít taking any breaks. In fact, Brown commented that thereís a studio in his basement where the group is constantly writing new material.

ďItís refreshing to return home; it really reminds you of how you started and why you began playing musicÖ.I was homeless for awhile before we signed so when you return to that kind of place itís very easy to remember and be grateful for everything; and just be like holy f*ck, weíve traveled the world. You can kind of get distracted at times and then come back and be like oh yeah, this is why I love musicÖso the recording has been very spread out over this last two years. From the second we signed, every chance we had we were recording. Itís very weird because there will be something that was written 18 months ago and thereís some stuff that was only written a month ago. We donít really have a schedule; itís all very spontaneous and weíre blessed to have that freedom.Ē

Considering Brown seems to always be writing, one may surmise that the singer may get writerís block from time to time or have difficulty developing fresh new ideas Ė but thatís not the case. The singer shared that both he and the rest of the group live and breathe music 24/7 and there essentially isnít a moment where he doesnít want to be writing.

ďI feel an emotion and I want to make a noise that matches that emotion. Thatís kind of just the way my DNA is and how Iím programmed; and my band is very much like that as well. Vince is a true drummer; he is like a little kid that cannot stop beating on things. He canít even go to the movies and sit still because heíll be taping on the popcorn or stomping his feet. I think that itís just this childlike thing and still kind of being in awe of itÖitís a rollercoaster. People that love what they do canít really get enough of it; you want more of it always. Iím scared to death Iíll wake up one day and have that feeling. But Iíve never had writerís block and Iíve never doubted it.Ē

Following Coachella, Mona will be playing shows in the hometowns of the band members which include Dayton, OH and Bowling Green, KY.

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