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Rev Theory: It Comes Down To Just Trying To Do Things Differently
By: Ryan |
Source: Alternative Addiction

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 Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Rev Theory just put out their Take ‘Em Out EP, and it isn’t their typical release. It’s not a traditional album, or even a traditional EP. It’s part of Killer Tracks’ Artist Series and it’s four songs that Rev Theory made with the only emphasis being a capacity to be used in film and TV for licensing purposes. That’s not a secondary form of promotion with the music, it’s the primary focus. The fact that fans can find the songs on iTunes and the band is promoting them- even if they’re just doing it by themselves- is secondary. Rev Theory’s vocalist Rich Luzzi recently spoke with Alternative Addiction about the new EP.

“It’s obviously something we’ve never done before,” said Luzzi about making music for licensing. “It was a cool opportunity and a different way to make music rather than just plugging it into the current model. So we jumped on it and it turned out to be a really great process.”

“The cool part about it was that we weren’t writing a record. We weren’t writing something that we were thinking that even had that potential. In mind of writing songs for licensing, it was more about writing things that were quick and to the punch. You always want to write great material, but there wasn’t the pressure of a ton of money being spent on a product that was going to be released to the world.”

Following up the band’s most recent full-length album Justice, Rev Theory’s new EP has gotten them some considerable attention. Even though it came out at the end of November, it’s already gotten radio play, front page coverage on iTunes, and it’s charted there too. They’ve done this without a huge budget behind the music. They’ve promoted almost everything themselves. Rich didn’t take the credit for the EP’s run of popularity, instead he passed it along to the band’s fans.

“After ten years of being a band and doing tons of leg work, we have a fan base. It had legs of it’s own and it was more of a grass roots things. Killer Tracks did a great job with iTunes promotion too; we were able to get the front page and we sat in the top 10 all week because of that. That’s great for an EP that was really only promoted on our social networks. We have to thank Sirius Octane for picking up the track and playing it, and a couple of other stations too. We didn’t do a traditional release, it’s just kind of had legs of it’s own.”

This EP is a highlight of 2012 for the group, but the fact remains that the future of Rev Theory is in the air. They’ll stay a band, that’s not really in doubt. The odds of them disbanding are slim, but where the band goes from here is up in the air. Luzzi noted that the band’s realistic about their future but they’re not scared to try new things.

“Basically, we realize the touring world isn’t what it used to be and it’s hard to get out there, and try to be on the road eight months out of the year. Right now, we have other opportunities that we can all explore and make music. It comes down to just trying to do things differently. Work smarter, not harder. We’re just taking things day by day and seeing what happens.”

Rev Theory’s Take ‘Em Out EP is available now.

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Rev Theory: It Comes Down To Just Trying To Do Things Differently
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