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Buckcherry Prep Release of 'Confessions'
By: Alex Kastrinelis |
Source: Alternative Addiction

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 Monday, July 02, 2012

Buckcherry has finished work on their sixth album, Confessions, which is set to drop this fall; although no official date has been announced, the band is aiming for a September release.  The group will also be making a short film to coincide with the new record.  While we often see bands participate in documentaries regarding their history or the making of an album, the idea of creating a film that reflects the material of a specific record is quite rare.  Thus, it should be rather interesting to see how this concept pans out.  Lead singer and the creative mind behind the project, Josh Todd, recently sat down with AA to discuss the inspiration behind it all as well as Buckcherry’s current plans for the rest of 2012.

Confessions will serve as a soundtrack to the film which is based off of the seven deadly sins; the script was written by Todd and comes directly from true events in his life.  Filming has taken place over the last month and the movie will include all band members in addition to several outside actors.  “I had already been writing a screenplay somewhat based on my life, my childhood, and growing up in the music scene so I decided to make a short film out of it all…it was actually fun because it gave all of us direction. The seven sins have been done by other bands, but the way we approached it was really cool and I think that the people who love this band and those who are new to this band are really going to embrace it and enjoy it.”

Of course, this is new territory for Buckcherry and a creative leap that has both potential positive and negative outcomes.  In many ways, this is a typical high risk, high reward situation; the production of the film could prove quite costly but if the finished product receives a positive response then it should be recognized as one of the main highlights of the band’s career.  “We just kind of go with what we’re feeling at the time when we make records and I think it was a natural way to go; we had never done something like this before and we always want to be challenged in the studio when we’re writing songs so that we can reach a new level as artists.  It was definitely cool and away from our norm so we enjoyed it.”

Because of the dual release of the record and film, there are a variety of different opportunities the band can utilize to promote and showcase both.  At the moment, Buckcherry is still in the planning stage as to how to go about this process, but Todd was excited about the options that the band has already been presented with thus far.  “There’s talk of us maybe doing some film festivals, doing some shows, and playing the record in its entirety…maybe having a screening of the film and then going to see the rock show.  But right now it’s all still coming together and we’re figuring it out as we move along here; it’s going to be cool though and there’s so much we can do with it.  Plus we’re always getting more and more people aboard that want to be apart of it.”

While this record will certainly be considered a concept album, fans can still expect to hear the same rock and roll sound from Buckcherry on Confessions.  It’s also important to note that the band again collaborated with hard rock producer Marti Frederickson for the upcoming LP.  “We’ve previously co-written songs with Marti and he’s really multi-talented…he’s a great song writer, an incredible musician, great producer, and just an awesome guy to have come in after you’ve written a lot of songs to go through arrangements with and fine tune everything…we all really respect him and he’s worked with a lot of artists so he understands rock and roll, and he also understands what makes Buckcherry special and that’s why we stuck with him.”  Guitarist, Keith Nelson, also had a significant hand in the producing the album making this the third consecutive Buckcherry record that Nelson and Frederickson have co-produced together.

Although Buckcherry’s final touring schedule has not been decided, the guys will be playing shows all summer up until the release of the new disc.  In fact, the band just added twenty five tour dates throughout the U.S. and Canada, and will then be putting together a worldwide campaign to support Confessions.  Specifically, Todd expressed a high level of appreciation for the fans residing in Europe, South America, and Mexico.  “We love going into the international markets because it’s not radio driven.  When you go overseas, the audiences really get into the whole scope of your career and all your records…so it’s not just single driven and radio driven.  You get to these remote places and people know these songs, and you just can’t believe it; it’s really just so fulfilling as an artist. And they’re just really passionate about rock and roll like no other.  It’s pretty cool to see and it really makes you grateful for what you have.”

In regards to the artwork for the album, Buckcherry has enlisted the help of New York based graffiti artist, Ewok.  Of course, this is yet another example of the band continuing to move further away from their norm considering the group has yet to include urban styled artwork in any of their previous album pamphlets.  “We wanted to get somebody completely different from what we’re normally accustomed to.  He’s done a great job and he’s actually still putting it all together as we speak because the record isn’t coming out until this fall…it’s going to be cool because there’s a scene in the movie where’s there’s a particular character who is artistic as well and has all these drawings on the walls of his bedroom and Ewok will be drawing all of that.”  While album artwork is at times overlooked today mainly because CD’s are rarely purchased in stores anymore, people should be sure to check out what Ewok is able to create for Confessions; Ewok has been immersed in the graffiti art culture since the early 90’s and has created some truly stunning pieces over the years.

2012 will prove to be a vital year for Buckcherry as only time will tell to see if the band’s latest project can be deemed a success.  And even with all the risks involved, Todd remained confident in the band’s decision to take such a bold and artistic leap.  “This is our sixth record and we’ve been doing this for a long time. We’ve been playing rock and roll when it hasn’t been mainstream since we started with our first record back in 1999.  We’re accustomed to taking big risks and doing what we love, and being sincere with how we do things.  I think that’s a big reason why some people love us; it’s as simple as the people that are into us love us…it’s a love-hate relationship with this band you know.  It’s either you love Buckcherry or you hate us.  I don’t really understand that because we’re just playing rock and roll; we didn’t re-invent the wheel or anything.  But I really feel like we’re the only band from our generation that plays rock music and puts out rock records.  When we play live we don’t run samples or anything like that; it’s just a real rock and roll band.”

Buckcherry’s latest song was released in May on the Avengers Assemble compilation.  The track, entitled “Wherever I Go,” is thought to be included on the band's upcoming release.

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