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EVE6 Release New Song, Prep New Album
By: Ryan |
Source: Alternative Addiction

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 Monday, February 06, 2012

Max Collins, Tony Fagenson, and Jon Siebels haven’t released music together in roughly eight years, the last EVE6 album came out in July of 2003. Since then, the guys from the band have joined new bands, started projects, produced songs, wrote songs, got the band together without one original member, and finally got the original band back together. To complete the band’s core, they reunited with producer Don Gilmore to make their long-awaited fourth album, Speak in Code. With fans clamoring for the new record, the promotion is starting to pick up. That got a big jolt last week when EVE6 and their new label home, Fearless Records released the first song (but not the first single) off of the band’s upcoming album. The song’s called, “Lost & Found.”

EVE6 drummer, Tony Fagenson discussed the track in a recent interview with Alternative Addiction. “Given the facts that the songs on this album span many years in time, that leans towards newer,” said Fagenson on how old the song was. “Max and I wrote that one about two years ago- late in 2009.”

“Fans of the band who have seen us or who have seen YouTube videos, will know we’ve played that song live here and there for the last couple of years,” added Fagenson. “We actually did a recording of it in 2010 which helped a little bit further. But it’s in its best form on the record.That’s where it all just came together and it’s realized how it was meant to be. Jon rocked the guitars and Don (Gilmore) did great production. That song’s a great shot across the bow for fans to hear new EVE6 music.”

Releasing an individual song that’s not the official single off of a new album isn’t an innovation but it’s something new in regards to EVE6. The most prominent way people consume music these days is through iTunes. When asked about releasing a song in this manner, Fagenson wrapped his head around iTunes past and present and came up with a crazy revelation.

“It’s funny because the last official EVE6 album, It’s All in Your Head came out in 2003,” said Fagenson. “In 2003, iTunes was still just getting started… the very first iPod didn’t come out until 2001 and it was a couple of years after that when use of iTunes started to really pick up. I have a feeling when It’s All in Your Head was released it wasn’t possible to release individual songs. That wasn’t an idea in peoples’ minds yet because there weren’t a lot of legal digital downloads yet.”

“But we like it,” noted the EVE6 drummer. “It’s a different kind of rollout for a record that we’ve had in the past because it’s been so damn long since we’ve put an album out outside of another project. It’s cool that we’re finally releasing some music in the world we live in now and the world we’ve been accustomed to as listeners since then. It’s awesome to have people get excited about a song that’s not the radio single and just have them sample the song, enjoy it, and get pumped for the album.”

What’s really cool about the new song is it’s a solid indication about what’s on the new record. We know the album title and we have a song right now. Those are two pieces to the puzzle, but there’s still a good amount of pieces in the picture that haven’t been revealed yet. Why is the album called Speak in Code? What’s the album art going to look like? What are the band’s tour plans? There are dozens of unanswered questions right now “Lost & Found” is one hint that we do have.

EVE6 in the studio with producer Don Gilmore
EVE6 in the studio with producer Don Gilmore

In past interviews with Fagenson leading up to the song’s release, he’s said that the new album will be like Horrorscope more than any other EVE6 album. It’ll mix everything the band’s done, and of course there will be some growth, but that Horrorscope tie is a great clue. Judging from “Lost & Found” alone, that’s a pretty accurate correlation. You can look at the band’s second album and understand more too. While it’s a single-friendly album, it also plays cohesively. Fagenson did say that’s a huge part of the new album.

“We were able to do the record in a way that’s hard for bands to do these days,” said Fagenson. “Given the state of the industry, and given the budgets that most rock bands are getting these days, records are getting made differently now. A lot of times, rock bands are doing a couple songs with a different producer each time so you have a mish-mash of ideas. The album in general, isn’t quite as important as it was ten years ago because people can buy individual songs now. It’s a song and single-driven world that we’re in. The concept of a fleshed-out, cohesive album in the world of rock music isn’t as prominent as it was.”

“It was cool to do it that way and kind of have the best of both worlds. We’ve had these different songs and we’ve taken the best of everything but we were able to pull it together because we did the entire record with Don Gilmore. We kept it in house.”

Photo Credit: Lisa Johnson
Photo Credit: Lisa Johnson

Plans are being made for the exciting part of the process- releasing the music, getting the feedback, and going to play it live. All of this is coming and after years, it’s just a few months away. We’ve gotten an answer from Tony in the past on why this has taken so long, but his latest answer is easily his best.

“We could have put out the record before a few years ago,” started Fagenson. “Jon wasn’t with us at the time, and that’s a huge component so I’m glad he’s back with us. We definitely had pressure to do that from different sources and I know the fans really wanted it. It was hard for us to explain what we were trying to do and why we were waiting. We had a lot of good songs at the time, a lot of those made it on the record. But we weren’t ready yet. We really had to get back on the horse over the past couple of years and get out there and play and reconnect with the fans. We needed to play shows and be a band again.”

“We also wanted to get a label and get the right people around us,” added Tony. “All of that stuff took longer than we initially would have liked, but in no way do we regret that it took longer because it had to happen that way. Now, it’s just built up the excitement all the more.

Fagenson and the other guys in EVE6 are playing the anticipation card, but the band’s emotions surrounding finally releasing the new music are all over the place.

“On the day when ‘Lost & Found’ came out, I got all of that anxiety, anxiousness, and nervousness,” said Fagenson reflecting on the past week.“For the first time, you build it up for so long over the years… when that day hits, its real now. Now it’s in the world. Now I can’t just hope anymore. It’s out there and people are going to take it how they take it. It’s nerve-racking for a second because you’re not just working and trying to put it out, you actually made it to that point.”

“There’s something that’s a little scary about that. But it’s a good thing… You’re supposed to be that way. It means you’ve taken a step and you’ve made it happen. When you’re actually laying it out there to be judged and kind of show your soul… that’s why you do this as a musician. A little bit of anxiety comes with the territory and you have to welcome it.”

It’s been somewhat inspiring to see a band care so much about every decision the way the guys from EVE6 are. That’s why this has taken so long. After watching this develop from afar for the past six years, it’s a little insane to think that a new EVE6 album is finally coming out. Last week, it didn’t quite seem like it was going to happen. This week, as Tony mentioned, it’s all too real. It’s been a long time coming but things have worked out for the best. Come April, we’ll all find out how good EVE6’s best really is.

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EVE6 Putting Finishing Touches on New Album
Date Published: Thursday, October 27, 2011

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