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Son of a Bad Man Release Debut Album
By: Ryan |
Source: Alternative Addiction

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 Monday, January 30, 2012

Son of a Bad man is releasing their debut album this week. Titled, Here’s to the Falling In…, the album is the follow-up to the band’s self-titled EP that was released in 2010. Since then it’s been a crazy time for the band. Son of a Bad Man used to just be Shawn Fisher with his touring band, but then they decided to change from a solo act to a band and release music under the ‘Son of a Bad Man’ title. They changed the band name, then released the EP with Universal Republic Records, got dropped from the label, started a KickStarter campaign to fund the band’s debut album, had a member change, and then they released the album. It hasn’t been a direct path from origin to destination. If you liked the group’s work over the past few years, (even when they were just operating as Shawn Fisher), you’ll be delighted with the new album. It's a huge progression from the EP. It's not a completely new sound, but the Son of a Bad Man guys have a great genre description- they call it southern pop.

“I feel like it fits,” said Shawn Fisher when talking to Alternative Addiction recently. “Because southern rock… all of these mainstream rock radio bands have kind of taken their own spin on southern rock. That’s just hard rock and we’re not a hard rock band. But we’re not a pop rock band either. So I feel like adding a southern twang with a Matchbox-Twenty type sound, that’s the best way to describe us.”

Southern pop fits perfectly as a genre description but what doesn’t fit perfectly is the improvement in the quality of the music from the 2010 EP release to now. Lots of people love the band’s debut EP and you can count AA among that group, but “20 Missed Calls” never really stood out as a heartfelt song. It was fun and lively but if it caught the listener at the wrong time it came off as a little fake, like it was coming from somewhere uninspired. That’s not the case with Here’s to the Falling In… these songs all feel like they’re coming from real places.

“I feel like I’m in a more comfortable spot,” said Fisher who’s still the chief-songwriter of the group. “I feel like I can be personal on a record and people will still enjoy the songs. That was always my biggest fear. I never wanted to write about a relationship I was in. I never wanted to write about being in a band. I always thought that was cheesy. Maybe it was just like an artistic integrity conflict inside of me. But I feel like, with this record I really tried for the first time to reach down deep into the pits of my soul and pull out something that meant something to me, not necessarily mean something to a mass amount of people.”

Fisher’s personal writing on the album reflects the ease that he and the rest of the band had writing this record.

“I’ve told a couple of people that half of this record was written out of pure bliss and half was written out of sheer and udder frustration,” said the Son of a Bad Man vocalist. “The songs that were written out of bliss had no thought. They just came out and they were perfect. There are a lot of love songs on this record and I feel like it’s hard to not write a song full of love songs, especially when you’re in love. So half of those songs were written out of bliss speaking to where I was at personally. The other half of those songs were about our journey as a band going through the major label system and getting our first music industry ‘black eye’ so to speak. Those songs are about us realizing the true hardships of what it’s like being a band trying to climb up that ladder.”

There were some hardships for the band over the past couple of years but nothing crippling. They got dropped from Universal Republic Records after they released the EP, but that was a move that benefited both sides. After the switch from working as Shawn Fisher to working as Son of a Bad Man some things changed and the band wasn't ready for that label release. That means that the band never really got a fair shake in that situation. It was more like a lame high-five that partially missed the mark.

“I think we’re really going to try shopping this record and see what happens,” said Fisher on the band’s business prospects. “We’re not putting all of our eggs in the basket, but I’m not one of those guys that hates major labels. I think in an ideal situation a label can be the perfect situation for you. An indie label too, that’s fine, whatever’s the best fit for us. Indie labels can get caught up in the same big machine aspect of the business just as much as the majors can. Over the next six months we’re going to try and find the best fit for us as a band.”

While trying to figure out what’s next for Son of a Bad Man expect the group to be extremely busy throughout 2012. The band is currently in the process of getting their touring plans together over the next few months. To keep updated on tour dates and to purchase a physical copy of the band’s new album, visit Available below, download a song off Here’s to the Falling In… for free.

Download Son of a Bad Man (Featuring Runner Runner)- “Love Like Mine”

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