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Red Jumpsuit Apparatus Premier New Song
By: Chad |
Source: Alternative Addiction

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 Sunday, July 31, 2011

Ronnie Winter and The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus will be releasing their new album Am I the Enemy on August 30th, their first independent LP that they’ll be distributing, with the help of their management Collective Sounds, will be out at the end of August.

The album was produced by John Feldmann, who produced The Used’s debut album, one of Winter’s favorite albums of all time. Upon first listen of the album you can hear that he was the perfect fit. It’s the best Red Jumpsuit album to date and a lot of that has to do with Feldmann’s production and getting the most of the songs that were written. You can hear Feldmann’s influence on the title track on the record- “Salvation”, a song that he heavily pushed forward in demo form according to RJA’s Winter.

“That was something that where as soon as we made the very first demo, which was just me and John Feldmann, He went [ahead and went] through the mixing phase before he played it for me and after we wrote it,” Winter told Alternative Addiction. “He kind of threw a bunch of digital stuff on there. And he said ‘Okay, I added some programming. Tell me what you think about it, if you hate it we’ll take it out. If you love it we’ll keep it.’

Winter listened, and he approved.

“I heard it and I thought it was amazing so I said ‘keep all of it and if you want to do any more, do more.’ A lot of the credit on that goes to him on that. He’s just really good at programming and he’s able to go from a straight-forward five piece rock band and throw just enough electronics to where you’re not changing your style but giving it an edge.”

That song is one of only a couple that has noticeable programming, but it works because of the great rapport that Winter and Feldmann established in the studio. They spread that connection with another collaborator that helped Ronnie write a song we get to premiere here on Alternative Addiction called “Where Are the Heroes.”

The song, “Where Are the Heroes” was written by Winter with the help of Feldmann, and Feldmann’s friend Kevin Griffin from Better than Ezra.

“There’s a band called Better Than Ezra and the lead singer and John Feldmann are friends and they’ve written a couple of songs together.  They’re a great band,” said Winter.  “John asked me, ‘Hey, you know my friend’s coming in, how would you feel about writing a song with him and me?’ At this point we already had about 20 to 21 songs up on the wall and we already started tracking the record and we were 3 to 4 songs deep. I thought ‘hey, can’t hurt anything, me and John are on a roll, so let’s try it with this guy.'"

"He comes in and the three of us sat down with three acoustic guitars in John’s studio. We started talking about the record about what songs already existed and what the theme was. I told him about “Am I the Enemy” and “Reap” about the lyrics there. We just sat down and started rhyffing, he came up with this verse rhyff. And we started singing a little bouncy melody to it. And we all just started throwing ideas around- ‘Yeah, this sounds cool. ‘This sounds cool.’, And then bam from there it was like full-speed ahead. We just sat there and worked on it all the way through and pretty much all the guitar and all the vocals and all the lyrics. And then we shook hands, he left, and we tracked the song.”

You can listen to the song “Where Are the Heroes” written by Ronnie Winter, Kevin Griffin, and John Feldmann- below:

First Listen: “Where Are The Heros” by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

Am I the Enemy is due out on August 30th.

Listen To Alternative Addiction’s Interview with The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

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amazing band with meaningful songs...thats RJA.. <3 RJA forever!
Posted by janine on Tuesday, August 02, 2011 at 9:19:58 PM

Amazing...amazing amazing amazing amazing amazing!!! Everything is AMAZINGGG! Good job guys =D this album is mine the second it comes out. So proud of you guys...all the songs are gold.
Posted by Will on Tuesday, August 02, 2011 at 6:36:38 PM

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